Live and Let Bee

Gizem Altın Nance (Buğday Association)

Beekeeping in Turkey, challenges and ecological solutions

Prof. Dr. Banu Yücel (Ege University Faculty of Agriculture)

Bio Dynamic Beekeeping

Fidancho Hristov (Aronija Organic Producers’ Association, Macedonia)

Future of the bees and bee-centred beekeeping

Heidi Herrmann (Natural Beekeeping Trust, UK)
Ferry Schutzelaars (Smart Beeing, The Netherlands)

What can each one of us do for the bees?

Güneşin Aydemir (Buğday Association)

Secret life of urban bees and beekeepers

Assoc. Dr. Alaattin Kirazcı

Beekeeping at Rye Hill Prison

John Noble

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