What can WE do?


Hobbyist beekeepers are people who have hives but their livelihood does not depend on the income from the hives. Since their livelihood does not depend on beekeeping, they don’t operate under the market pressure and they don’t need to produce certain amount of bee products to sustain themselves. They can be more open to trying new ideas as well.

All these can be a big advantage in ecological beekeeping. Where professional beekeepers may be more conservative in trying ecological methods with fear of losing income, hobbyists can pave the part to ecological beekeeping and can influence others to follow their example.

Hobbyists are also more free in expressing their thoughts and ideas as they are not part of for-profit networks.


What can you do to help bees if you are a hobbyist:

1. Add a couple of traditional hives to your apiary and observe the outcome (You can see different kinds of traditional hives from this link)

2. Try no intervention method on some of your hives and compare the outcome with the rest of the hives. This practice will allow you to analyze the effects of your intervention, whether it is pesticide application, feeding etc.

3. Research new methods and developments on ecological beekeeping

4. Document your experiments and share the results.

5. Create awareness with your knowledge and experience.
Your wisdom will be more valued if it is based on experience rather than book knowledge. Visit other apiaries, join organizations, talk to farmers.

6. Lobby on behalf of the bees
Hobbyists don’t have ties with for-profit beekeeping organizations, therefore they are more free to lobby on behalf of ecological beekeeping.

7. Keep a blog or share your experiences in social media so more people will be aware of bee-centred, ecological beekeeping.

8. Join an NGO that promotes ecological beekeeping practices.

9. Create and organize community supported agriculture (CSA) groups by bringing together the producers and the consumers. This way, the consumers will have direct Access to the producer and the producer will get a fair share for his work and will be encouraged to practice more eco-friendly methods.

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