“Aronija”, association of producers for organic food, from Delcevo, Macedonia was established in 2003.

Our vision is the Pijanechko-Maleshevski farmer to become a recognizable producer for organic food.

Desirable mission is supplying organic food which improves the health and the ability for active life; contributing for prevention of the environment; and socio-economic development of the Pijanechko-Maleshevski region.

Realized projects

  • “Education for organic agriculture,” funded by The Peace Corps, 2005.
  • “Protection an old sort of blue plum in Pijanechko-Maleshevski region,” funded by GEF/PMG, 2006.
  • “To return the old sorts of apples and pears on our domestic tables” funded GEF/PMG, 2008.
  • “Education for organic production of small fruits” funded by MZSV, 2009.
  • “To return the old sorts of apples and pears on our domestic tables” – increasing, funded by GEF/PMG, 2012.
  • “Live and let bee” funded by ERAZMUS+, December 2015 – December 2017
  • “Organized training for biodynamic beekeeping and bidynamic agriculture” April 2017
  • “Preservation of autochthonsvarieties of fruit crops in Pijanechko-Maleshevski region”, starting September 2017, funded by GEF/PMG
  • Took part in analysis of 10 samples of organic honey in different parts in Macedonia.

Aronija is member to the following networks:

  • Federation of producers for organic food of Macedonia;
  • Avalon, Holland;
  • Nyeleni Europe.

In the association “Aronija”  there are honey farms, sheep farms, organic farms with blue plum, organic farms for producing healing (medicinal) and aromatic plants.

Areas of activity

Organic agriculture, organic beekeeping, protection of biodiversity rural development, alternative sources of energy and beginning to apply biodynamic agriculture, education for organic and raw food.

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