History of our foundation

Smart Beeing was founded after a coincidental encounter of two people, a businessman and a beekeeper.

Rudolf van Aalderen, entrepreneur, founder and Chairman of Smart Beeing foundation felt the strong need to compensate for the pretty big ecological footprint that comes with his line of business. His company offers complete logistical and transport solutions for the live entertainment, automotive and project industry.

Ferry Schutzelaars, a beekeeper since 1986, reflected on his way of beekeeping because he noticed that ‘his bees’ lacked the strength to cope with diseases and pests and the honey yields dwindled during recent years. He felt compelled to change his way of interacting with the bees and to put the needs of the bees above the interests of the beekeeper.

When Rudolf and Ferry met and had their first conversation, very soon it dawned that their separate desires to do something matched closely. Because both had a no nonsense and hands on mentality, they soon agreed upon their goal to help the honeybees. Before long ‘Smart Beeing’ was founded.

Our mission

The Smart Beeíng foundation is working on preservation and strengthening of the bee population in its natural habitat.

Our approach

Smart Beeing started by setting up a few apiaries, not only to get more bees in the area but more importantly to bring the bees to the attention of the people. We saw that the honeybee lost its place in society and many people regarded them as just one of the stinging insects around.

We let our bee colonies swarm as natural way of reproduction and rejuvenation. The swarming and free range mating of the young queens plays an important role in the process of regaining the natural strength of the honeybee.

Every swarming season we arrange meetings where people can get acquainted with the honeybee in a very intimate setting. On these beautiful occasions we inform people about the importance of the honeybees as pollinators. We make people aware of their importance in regard to our food chain since most of our fruits and vegetables rely on pollinators.

Smart Beeing also delivers the strong message that we don’t just need more bees, but we have to offer the bees a healthy environment. Smart Beeing is an advocate for ‘treatment free beekeeping’, reducing the use of pesticides and bringing back enough nectar bearing flowers in the environment.

Smart Beeing distributes its swarms over beekeepers who can recognize themselves in our vision towards the ‘honeybee-crisis’.

The road ahead

Smart Beeing will continue to collaborate with partners in order to inform people about the needs of the honeybees and the way people can help them. Since the honeybees are in a global crisis, we will participate in international projects.

Funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union. However, European Commission and Turkish National Agency cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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